Physical therapy for pets: Emerging trend enhancing longevity, quality of life

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) — Physical therapy for dogs is a fast-growing trend in the veterinary world.

To dogs, it’s like a little playground, but really it’s physical therapy. Just like physical therapy for humans, pet PT helps animals recover from injuries, surgeries, neurological issues and pain.

Dr. Tom Walsh with Prime Pet Rehabilitation Therapy in Myrtle Beach said a pet physical therapy facility is where owners take their pets to improve their quality of life.

Just like the rest of us, we go through aches, pains, and now physical therapy is a part of our normal life,” Dr. Tom said. “So it has become a part of our pet’s normal life as well. It’s probably one of the fastest-growing segments of veterinary medicine.

The therapy requires trust and motivation which is usually food and praise.

Dr. Tom Walsh designed the main workout area to improve mobility. The various elevations help build balance, agility and strength.