New Patients – What to Expect

Initial evaluation
Our veterinarian takes time to observe your pet’s movement, noting issues with gait, function, standing, sitting, etc. A thorough history of your pet’s condition is taken. Radiographs, if available, may be reviewed and discussed.

We then carefully examine your pet’s joints and muscles, evaluating lameness, strength, flexibility, pain sensation, and neurological soundness. This is an exam of function, compensation and adaptation, to evaluate how your pet is coping and to see how they respond to different therapy techniques. We perform manual (hands-on) therapies as we evaluate, so your pet can move and feel better even with their first visit.

Once the exam is complete, we work with you to develop a rehabilitation treatment plan which fits you and your pet’s needs. This will involve in-clinic as well as at-home treatments, supplements, and/or medications. All recommendations are summarized for you in an easy to read format. Home care instructions and exercise plan handouts are included with an end-of-visit summary email.

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