Electrical Stimulation

What is Electrical Stimulation Therapy? 

Electrical stimulation therapy, known as e-stim for short, refers to the administration of low-level electrical currents to a muscle or muscle group, most commonly a limb. This type of rehabilitation therapy is typically used in dogs that have experienced significant muscle injury or atrophy, or have recently had surgery. It is often used as a first measure of rehabilitation due to its efficacy, safety, and painlessness. The primary goals of treatment are to optimize muscle range and motion, reduce stiffness and inflammation, strengthen muscles that have begun to waste away, and relieve pain following injury or surgery. 

Electrical stimulation therapy is a low-risk, highly effective, safe procedure that helps injured muscles heal in less time with less pain. Electrical stimulation therapy also strengthens the muscle and adds muscle mass in cases of muscle atrophy. This type of therapy is particularly useful for dogs that cannot use the affected limb and therefore cannot strengthen the muscle themselves.