Athletic conditioning

There has been a great increase in the numbers participating in dog sports over the last decade and our aim is to enable every canine athlete to reach their full potential enabling them to avoid common injuries. Cross training is as important for the canine athlete as it is for humans for improving endurance, strength and flexibility. Whether your dog is a working, hunting, sporting K-9 and/or family companion, dogs can utilize ‘water work’ for a comprehensive, individualized goals. Exercise in water is an excellent cross training activity to increase the overall fitness of your canine athlete while decreasing the risk of overuse injury by separating fitness training from skill training.

Your dog’s fitness level will directly affect performance, longevity in the sport, and perhaps biggest of all – the risk of injury. All K9 athletes, from top national level competitors to the novice in the sport, need the appropriate fitness level to compete for better times and placements.