Dr. Tom Walsh

Dr. Tom Walsh had a successful career in telecommunications but always knew his true calling was helping animals. Deciding to pursue that passion, he became a veterinarian and has never looked back.After working several years as a general practitioner veterinarian, he found his specialty – small animal rehabilitation. Dr. Walsh has established PrimePet Rehabilitation Therapy, a mobile small animal rehabilitation and physical therapy service. Therapeutic laser is integral to his practice and is used daily to reduce pain and inflammation, speeding the healing time.Dr. Walsh began using laser for post-operative, IVDD recovery and trauma. He found this reduced a 4 to 6 weeks back surgery recovery time down to half. The use of the laser coupled with the reduction in the recovery period helped the animals relax, accelerating their healing and making all the difference for owners sharing the traumatic event with their pets.After seeing the promising results from implementing regular use of the laser, Dr. Walsh expanded the scope of conditions he treats. He often uses it in combination with other treatment modalities, achieving optimal results. In just 3 years of using the Avant laser, he transitioned from the original PrimePet Rehab mobile concept to building one of the premier and innovative small animal rehabilitation centers on the East Coast.